Senior kicking her way into division one soccer program

Jackson High School offers a variety of clubs and competitive athletic programs and is home to many unique students. Sophia Iocca is now a senior here and has been a part of our varsity soccer program for four years. But Iocca’s soccer career will not be ending soon. She has committed to Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) and will be attending the university this fall.
“I was introduced to the coach by a girl on my club team that’s going there. The coach came and watched me play an offered me a spot on the team. Later I went on my visit and committed,” Iocca said.
Our time in high school seems to fly by so fast that we barley have the opportunity to enjoy the small details. Then before you even have the chance to believe that you are already a senior, graduation hits. Though no one is complaining, it is still hard for lifelong friends to cope with.
“She’s been on my soccer team since we were six years old. So I’m really going to miss her. Because she’s so dedicated to her fitness, I feel she’ll do well at IPFW during soccer conditioning. Even though I won’t be able to see her every day, I’m really hoping we’ll stay in touch because Sophia is one of my closet friends,” senior Hannah Peterson said.
“It’s going to be really weird not seeing her everyday and hangout with her because we’ve been friends since the fourth grade,” senior Tess Lorr said.
“When college comes around, it’ll be really heartbreaking. But I don’t like to think about it right now. I’m really going to miss her, so I’m going to try and see her as much as I can. Soccer season will help with that, we have all our weird traditions and team bonding,” senior Lindsie Hubbard said.
Coming in as a freshman, Iocca was really intimidated. But since her older sister was a junior at the time and she knew all of her sister’s friends, she felt more comfortable. After making varsity her freshman year, she grew closer bonds with the upperclassman. Though sports is where Iocca created friendship and is most comfortable, going to games and participating in student sections is where she had the most fun.
“What I’m going to miss the most is playing on the soccer team and all of the weird traditions we have,” Iocca said.
Not only does Iocca have many friends that will miss her, she has also made an impact on teachers.
“Sophia is a very mature and cooperative person. I feel she will be very successful in the future because of her maturity,” teacher Tom Hunt said
“I’ve had Sophia for four years and it has been wonderful to see her grow and mature through high school career. She will be greatly missed as part of the DECA and Marketing program,” teacher Jessica Baitinger said.

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Lindsay Holeso: The aspiring designer

The aspiring fashion designer who is drawing her way to the top with the mind of an aspiring fashion designer and the hands of an artist, senior Lindsay Holeso is painting her way to the future.
Aside from playing the flute in concert band since her freshmen year and being a member of the National Honor Society, Holeso is heavily involved with the art program at Jackson High. She has taken art classes at Jackson High since her freshmen year, as well as dual enrollment courses through the Kendall College of Art and Design. Despite art being her first passion, fashion too has a strong place in her heart.
“I have always been very artistic, from a young age, but I fell in love with fashion when I discovered fashion photography and fashion magazines in sixth grade,” Holeso said. “Art and fashion give me confidence. It is very bold and it gives me no fear. It has always been very easy for me to do.”
While Holeso knows little on the sewing machine, her hands fly when she is drawing or painting.
“I know the basic things like sewing a button on and I know how to make a quilt, but drawing has always been my thing,” Holeso said.
Aside from creating art—much of which have been featured in art shows—Holeso also enjoy blogging and writing.
“Fashion blogging helps me keep in touch with people from around the world,” Holeso said. “I keep up with what fashion shows are going on and new collections. Fashion is constantly evolving and you have to keep up with what people are designing and what other people like.”
While Holeso’s art depends on her mood or what class it is for, much of it is based on her portfolio for college.
“I have to have a wide variety of art in my portfolio to prepare for college,” Holeso said.
While her dream school Parson’s New School of Design is on hold until her art portfolio is bigger, Holeso is thrilled to major in fashion design and minor in illustration at Columbia College in Chicago.
Although she is not sure if she wants to create her own collection, Holeso knows she wants to be involved with the fashion world, perhaps overseeing a luxury brand or fashion shows, or being a creative director.
While maintaining her honor roll status and constantly updating her art portfolio, Holeso finds time to hang out with friends.
Of the many friends she has, senior and best friend Taylor Erb is her biggest fan.
“We met in first grade and even then she was very artsy, she always has been,” Erb said. “I am so happy for her. She is going to rock at it and I know she will succeed.”
Although Erb and Holeso do not have much time to hang out because they are both very busy with school, when they find time they enjoy going to coffee shops.
“Lindsay could not be a better friend. She is a dork and very attentive, but she is very creative and classy, and she loves coffee, especially Starbucks,” Erb said.
Erb is not her only supporter, art teacher Linda Jacobs is also rooting for her.
“Lindsay has grown so much since her freshmen year. She is a great student and provides a lot of fun in class,” Jacobs said. “I know she is going to do great in her career. I hope that she loves every minute of it and is successful in all that she does. You have to do what you love. If you do not love it then you should not do it.”
While Holeso says it is bittersweet to be leaving high school behind, she is ready to begin a new chapter in her life.
“I want to push myself to be the best I can be,” Holeso said. “I want to be there for fashion week, not here,” Holeso said.
While she will be leaving her biggest fans behind, it is clear that her art will give her many more fans in the future.
“I hope she succeeds at what she does and gets what she wants in life, she deserves it,” Erb said.
“Fashion and art is what I love to do,” Holeso said. “It is a way of self expression and it makes me happy. Everyone should do something that makes them happy.”
It is clear that Holeso is a future star in the fashion world. Watch out Chicago, you have got a star on the rise drawing her way to the top.

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Spartan John York carries on green and white family flame

               “I’ve always worked for good grades and success in anything I do. Whether its sports or involvement in my youth group I have always wanted a good reputation,” senior John York said, looking back on his years of high school.

                York has been involved with Jackson High School’s golf program for four years. York also is a proud participant in his youth group and involved in National Honor Society. However, he believes one his biggest accomplishments in life is receiving acceptance from Michigan State University. The Evans scholarship is paying for four years of tuition and housing at Michigan State University.

                “Michigan State has been a dream of mine for I think my whole life. I can’t wait to meet lots of new people and begin my new life there,” York said. “Of course I’ll be preparing for my career there too. I have lots of family members who have gone to MSU so I’m just continuing the tradition. I was made to go to school there. It’ll be a fun experience but I’m mainly there to go to school.”

                Along with taking a hold of his dreams by attending Michigan State University, York has also competed for the golf team here at Jackson High School for all four years.

                “This will be my last year on the golf team obviously, but it has been one great ride. This year I’m a captain along with Adam Trosin and Aaron Taylor,” York said. “I still remember last year we tied for second in the CAAC blue final meet. It was the best my team has played in the four years I’ve been here, so far. You don’t forget memories like that, when your team comes together and achieves a goal.”

                This is York’s final year of high school and it’s counting down. With graduation approaching on May 23, York is trying to make the best of his final year at Jackson High School.

                “If I could say one thing to anybody at this school I would tell them to keep good grades no matter what. Also, I would include to leave with no regrets. After your four years of high school are up then you can’t go back.” York said. ”Be involved with as much as you can and make high school everything you can. That’s all I can really say: have fun.”

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Larry Sumner: The very famous ‘Afro Thunder’

     Larry is the type of guy that that in class or at lunch everyone is turned to listening. His originality and smooth sense of humor attracts conversations with almost anyone.

     But his sense of humor isn’t the only smooth side to this musical comedian. He also loves to play the smooth sound of jazz. Not on just one instrument but at least 9 different instruments.

     “I don’t really have a favorite instrument; I love them all in different ways whether it’s the bass or tenor saxophone.” Senior Larry Sumner said.

     “Larry is awesome at playing tenor saxophone; singing is a strong suit of his as well. He is also a really great actor and musician.” Sophomore Aaron Hoskins said. “Larry is just a cool dude, he always acknowledges me in the hallway and says hello. He treats me as if I was his little brother and he always knows how to make everyone laugh plus I like his afro.”

     In the Jackson high jazz band his nickname is afro thunder after his bass playing skills.

     “When I first started playing bass I was called thunder thumbs, but then my friend suddenly came up with the idea of afro thunder because well, I have an afro and when I play it kind of sounds like thunder.” Sumner said, “Not to mention it some what sounds like Larry Sumner.”

                Along side with playing in the Jackson high school marching band, jazz band, and concert bands, Larry also outside of school plays gigs with a group called Dunamis which is Greek for “power”. They play a combination of smooth jazz, gospel, R&B, and more. They perform at events such as parties, weddings, and festivals. Also the group performs at restaurants like one five one and churches as well. Dunamis was even featured on national television.

     “I don’t do much but playing music, even when I am with my friends we are usually talking about music.” Sumner said.

     Sumner hopes to grow up to someday be a rock star and perform all over the world. But if being a rock star doesn’t workout he hopes to attend college at Michigan State University and study music, mainly jazz, and someday be a college professor for music.

     To Larry, music is not something the comforts him on the radio or is something to download on itunes, it is his life.

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The daily life of an outstanding Viking

As a student of Jackson High School, are you involved? Do you play in any sports; participate in band or a part of any clubs? Even if you are, I’m sure you’re not as involved as senior, Connor Pierce.
Pierce is involved in Improv, Tea Club, GSA, Jazz and Marching Band, National Honor Society, and Student Government. He is also a part of extracurricular activities out of school which include Youth Government and piano lessons. Pierce has been getting piano lessons for nine years.
When Connor ever has free time he is most likely reading or watching his favorite TV shows. Pierce loves to watch “Community” and “Parks and Recreation.” He usually likes to get his hands on any books by Alice Walker. He recommends the book that he recently read, “The Color Purple.”
“One thing that’s different about Connor is that if you get him laughing hard enough, he usually ends up on the floor,” senior Elizabeth Rieman said.
“He is a friendly guy that is very smart and intelligent, but also somewhat gullible,” senior Malaysia Wray said.
“But he’s just an overall good guy and great friend that’s fun to be around,” Rieman said.
Connor’s plans after graduation are to hopefully attend George Washington University which he won’t hear from until April. He dreams to go into international affairs and development.
“Connor politically knows what and why he believes in something,” Wray said. In his future, he wishes to work for the Peace Court or the United Nations.
“I see him traveling a lot with the government because he’s really interested in other countries and their cultures,” senior Maya Rowland said.
Pierce’s favorite subjects to learn are any kind of social sciences or history.
“I just really find it more interesting to hear about people’s stories,” Pierce said.
“I’ve known Connor since 7th grade and one thing I really admire about him is that he doesn’t care what others think, which I think most people try to strive for,” Rowland said.
Pierce really likes to help out and plans to continue that attribute in his future. Pierce almost always has a smile on his face, so next time you see him in the hallway say hello or give a wave because most likely, you will get a friendly response back.

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Libby Marsh: The upcoming expert in fashion and film

Jackson High School students are given the opportunity to express themselves in many different ways. Senior Libby Marsh has her own way of expressing herself, through fashion and art.
For the past two summers, Marsh has participated in Central Michigan fashion camp. At the camp, Marsh got to talk to the professor for the fashion department which she really enjoyed. She also learned to design clothes and many new techniques. “It’s a cool opportunity because you get the chance to design and make clothes with the help of some really talented people,” Marsh said.
Marsh knows how to cut designs into the backs of shirts.
“I really enjoy reconstructing old clothes and use different dying techniques, and use many of those techniques on the clothes I wear,” Marsh said.
Most of the clothes Marsh wears express her fashionable side. An example of her artistic ability is when she made taco bell sauce packets for band camp.
“The sauce packets were so cool at camp. She had the idea, and then she just made them for some of us. They looked so realistic, it was sweet,” Senior Hannah Walker-Donner said.
After High School, Marsh plans to go to Western Michigan University for film and art. She wants to become a director and write screen plays. The reason she chose Western over Central is because it offers film and fashion so just in case she doesn’t like film, she can fall back on fashion.
Apart from being talented with fashion, Marsh is also very artistic. Her favorite class is art because she gets the best grades, and she loves to be creative.
“Libby is really funny and she has a sly sense of humor. At first she’s shy but once you get to know her she’s really loud and sarcastic,” Walker-Donner said.
Marsh’s friends all had good things to say about her and her great sense of humor.
“She’s really outgoing and funny. She just kind of goes with the flow, and is very artistic,” Senior Samantha O’Dowd said.
“Libby is very funny, gullible, and she scares easily. She knows how to take a joke and has all the qualities of a great friend. A great quality Libby has is that she doesn’t disrespect others,” Senior Adam Trosin said.
Apart from being artistic Marsh participates in Senior Advisory and has finished her fourth year of varsity golf in the fall. She also played tennis for her freshman and sophomore year.
Not only is Libby Marsh creative, but she is involved and a very friendly individual.

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Starting another chapter: Special Education teacher retires

Every so often a Jackson High teacher decides to retire and move on with their life. This is the case for special education teacher, Harriet Oliver.
Oliver’s five year adventure here at Jackson High is quickly coming to an end. The connections she has made with her students are ones she will never forget. As a teacher she wanted to help students with certain disabilities in a positive way.
“She has pushed me over the years to do better” Jaquan Caddell said
Jaquan Caddell has had Oliver as a teacher since his freshman year. She has helped him become more focused on this work. He enjoys how energetic and fun she is in class.
The combined memories of the small successes the students have made are one of her best memories. When Oliver retires she plans on accomplishing things that she has wanted to do for a while.
“When I retire I look forward to the time I will have.” Oliver said.
Although she will enjoy the time she has to herself, she will miss the students she has created such a bond with over the years, and the staff here at Jackson High. Before she retires she wants to make sure that she is able to connect with her former students and stay in contact with them and know about their well being.
As of now she does not know who will be taking over. The advice she has for them is stay open and flexible, yet at the same time follow your heart with all intensity.
Teacher assistant, Judi Rombyer has had the opportunity to work with Oliver for the past eight months.
“She is one of the most inspiring teachers; she is dedicated to her work, and very compassionate to the students.” Rombyer said.
“It has been interesting and enjoyable ride all together” Oliver said.

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