Walking tall through the halls: the knowledgeable, outgoing Timothy Steele

Students who walk the hallways of Jackson High School may pass by the one and only Tim Steele. They probably don’t know the remarkable person which he is. They’ve probably never heard about his 33 ACT score. Nor have they heard about Steele applying to two big- name schools, Stanford University and Brown University. Evidently, there are many remarkable aspects of Tim Steele that the average person may not know.
While all can agree that Steele is knowledgeable, perhaps even greater of his traits is his wisdom. Steele is one of the small percentage of people who are wise enough to come to school every day prepared to work hard and to be themselves. “Jackson High is easy to blend in to,” said Steele. “People respect you for who you are.
Steele is also wise for the fact that he gets involved in Jackson High School. Being captain of the Jackson High Quizbowl team is one of Steele’s favorite occupations. The undisputable leader of the team, Steele is the reader of the questions in Quizbowl (that is how the team practices).
“Steele is very outgoing, and he’s not afraid to make mistakes,” French teacher and Quizbowl instructor Pamela Nordhougen said. “He likes to share his knowledge, which makes him a good role model for the rest of the Quizbowl team.
Steele is also a member of the National Honor Society, which is also run by Nordhougen, that promotes active volunteer work in the Jackson community. “Student members are required to do a certain number of service hours per month. There are also charity events and service projects that Steele is required to and does participate in.”
Steele is a remarkable student, and he has plans to go far. Steele’s 33 score on his first ACT will most certainly help him get there. Still waiting for word back from Stanford University as well as the Ivy- League Brown University, Steele hopes to become a computer engineer with the degree that he earned at his school of choice.
Overall, Steele is a very interesting person who is actively involved in school. He has definitely set the bar high for himself in terms of plans, but if anyone can do it, it is Timothy Steele.

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