Malaysia Wray: Present day genius, future politician

With nine siblings growing up Malaysia Wray spent a lot of her time reading; that is if she could find somewhere quiet. Wray was born in California and has moved back in forth from Michigan to California her whole life. Wray became a part of Jackson Highs class of 2014 her junior year.
“I have had Malaysia in many of my classes; she is very driven and accomplishes whatever she puts her mind to. I had AP Government with her and she was always so good at debates. She’s very intelligent and is not afraid to voice her opinion.” Senior Kalei Hunt said.
Wray participates in Quiz Bowl, Student Government, Senior Advisory, and National Honor Society. She won rookie of the year in Quiz Bowl. Quiz Bowl is her favorite out of the many activities and clubs she participates in.
“I like Quiz Bowl because it helps me learn new seemingly unimportant things, like trivia. It also gives me a cleaner view of the world.” Wray said.
As of now, Wray plans to major in political science since she’s so interested in politics. She loves watching the Rachel Maddow show. The Rachel Maddow show is a daily news and opinion show. It would be her dream to have her own outlet or podcast where she is able to speak about topics she’s passionate about. She feels strongly about Feminism in relation to politics and gun laws, those are just a few of her many. Wray’s viewpoints and brilliance has made an impact on many.
“Malaysia doesn’t really talk much but when she does its logical. I can definitely see her being involved in the government when she gets older.” Senior Anna Georgopolous said.
Wray’s favorite memory in high school is when Bassam Ikram brings donuts to senior advisory. She’s going to miss “Downtown Libby Brown” the most when she graduates. Her favorite class was Web Design with Mr. Turner.
“In the year and a half that I’ve known Malaysia, she has impacted my life tremendously. I genuinely feel she makes me a better person. Her excellent judgment and decision making skills have come in handy more time than I’d like to admit. Although we have a mutual love of bad puns, we don’t have a lot in common. She’s sensible and responsible and selfless and let’s not forget brilliant! Basically, she’s an incredible person and I’m so lucky to be able to call her my best friend.” Senior Leah Kammel said.

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