Kane Broadus: The commited artist leave a legacy behind

For senior Kane Broadus, a passion for art started at a young age. At only twelve years old, his love of art transformed into a fascination with tattoos.
“When I was around twelve, I got really in to those tattoo reality shows, like LA ink. That’s where it all started.”
Today, tattoos have centered themselves in Broadus’ life.
Interestingly enough, Broadus has given himself multiple tattoos. He explains it as a great way to practice and new tattoos are readily available if his desire for a new one arises, rather than the normal, lengthy process it would take to go and get one. However, there is a downside to creating permanent skin art on oneself as it is “way harder to do than it would be on others,” Broadus said. One of his masterpieces, an intricate knife, is located on the front of his lower leg. He proudly shows it off and explains the difficulty of the task.
“I had to just sit there, bent in an unnatural and strenuous position, for hours on end,” Broadus said.
Art teacher Linda Jacobs has had Broadus in a class or two over his high school years, beginning 2D art being one of them. She admires his tattoos and notes that his designs were great, joking about not wanting one for herself though.
“In art, he is absolutely excellent. That’s his thing and he is very serious about it,” Jacobs said.
Broadus primarily stuck to drawing in her class and “could draw anything.”
Broadus describes his tattooing style as Traditional Flash. He has depicted various designs, but has not yet delved into realistic portraits due to the fact that it would require more experience, or skill, as well as better equipment.
Other than art and tattooing, Broadus participated in track. He competed in the pole vaulting events for a season.
“I love the memories of being in track,” Broadus said. “But it just wasn’t for me. I decided to spend my time and energy on my tattoos.”
Broadus also enjoys long boarding, but uses it mainly as means of transportation.
Broadus sets his goals high for his life after high school.
“I am determined to be a successful person,” Broadus said. He is planning on continuing his art career. Wanting to attend school in Marquette for business, Broadus also anticipates being an apprentice in a tattoo shop in order to further develop his skills.
“I want people to remember that I was a good artist; that’s my life’,” Broadus said. ”I know it sounds corny, but this school means a lot to me. I really want my legacy to live on.”

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