Elvis Haught rises to the occasion, time and time again

Jackson High has one of the best student athletes in the area. From his greatness on the football field to his friendship in the halls, Haught is a proud Viking. He was once a Western Panther but when he decided on a high school he chose Jackson High. Elvis was a three year varsity player and because of his size and talent he could contribute early.
“Elvis is fun to be around, he always finds the positives if something’s going wrong or someone’s having a bad day,” senior Rourke Carroll said.
He will be taking his experience to Olivet College to continue his football career as a lineman and study criminal justice. His future plans are to become a police officer. Of course some of Haught’s favorite experiences are in football; “My favorite moment is beating Holt my last season at Jackson High,” Haught said.
When Haught was younger, his parents got divorced. Since then his dad has not been part of his life. Haught’s experience at home with his mom has not been easy. Recently, Haught has moved in with a friend. He moved because he needed a more stable environment to live and study.
“He is always positive and no matter what happens he’ll find the best way through it,” Carroll said.
Knowing that he might not have dinner or be able to rely on his mom was not what he wanted. Although Haught moved out he still visits several times a week to check up on his brothers and sisters and make sure everything is ok.
“The experience of moving made me be able to provide and take care of myself,” Haught said. “I’ve been working during the summer for football to earn money as well as other jobs.”
Haught had a lot of help getting through the process of moving out and getting by on his own.
“Coach Dillon has helped me with the process and gives me jobs during the summer for money,” Haught said; Since coming to Jackson High and playing football, Dillon has been his lineman coach since freshman year, Dillon was always there if he needed something and to support him along the way.
During his time here at Jackson High, Haught has been an influential part of the school, through his leadership on the football field, track, and in the halls. Haught’s will to fight through the tough times shows that he will be very successful in life and having a successful career in football. We will all miss “The King.”

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