Chelsey Hall: Basketball star with artistic talents

Many people know her as one of the starting basketball players on the girls’ varsity team, but there is more to senior Chelsy Hall than what meets the eye.
She has an artistic side that many do not know about. When Hall is not playing basketball she hand makes rugs. Hall has been making these rugs since last year and has made a total of five rugs for family and friends. Art has become an important part of Hall’s life over the years.
“I get to create new and cool things,” Hall said.
Hall first started making rugs for an independent study class for art teacher Linda Jacob’s last year.
“I liked making the rugs and have been doing it ever since,” Hall said.
Hall makes her rugs on a loom in Jacob’s room. Hall cuts her color of choice fabric into strips and places the fabric on the loom which begins the process. Each rug takes three weeks to make. Hall’s main interest in art is doing things she can do with her hands and anything that is 3-D. Hall has been in Jacob’s class for all four years of high school.
“Mrs. Jacob’s has opened up artistic windows for me and pushes me to do great,” Hall said
“When she has a job to do she keeps at it until it is done she will keep adding to it,” Jacob’s said “She has so much energy and so many good ideas.”
Over the years Hall has taken on bigger and more advanced art projects.
Halls years of high school are slowly coming to an end. Hall is going to miss seeing everybody and a lot of the teachers.
Hall is not sure which college she wants to attend yet, but is looking into playing basketball somewhere.
“My dream school to play at would be Michigan State,” Hall said
Hall wants to pursue a degree in physical therapy. She also wants to continue taking art classes throughout college.
“I’m open minded,” Hall said.

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