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Band students receive straight ones and S&E

On February 9, our school band competed in districts Solo and Ensemble. The band practiced for months and with a majority of division one ratings for both solo, and ensemble pieces it is apparent that their hard work has helped … Continue reading

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Dancing her way to DECA

Twist, scream, shout, spin, and we’re not talking about in the classroom. These are just some of the parts that make up marketing teacher Jessica Baitinger’s day. Her favorite thing about the day is getting to go home and see … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Entertainment, tomorrow’s leaders

If you were to peek in on a Tonight’s Entertainment rehearsal, you would find a group of students who genuinely love music and share a camaraderie with each other. Tonight’s Entertainment is a jazz combo formed from Jackson High school … Continue reading

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Don’t wish your youth away

We’re all used to adults frequently reminding us that the older we get, the faster time will pass. While we shrug it off and often wish that time would speed up so that we can be done with high school, … Continue reading

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School Spirit is more than just pumping up the crowd

Upset after upset, win after win, still no one supporting. The student section, and school spirit in general, has hit a wall. The basketball team has had their struggles, but also some amazing and close wins. The sad things, is … Continue reading

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Ambassador Young shares his knowledge with Jackson

On February 15, Jackson was visited by a civil rights icon. United States Ambassador Andrew Young spoke to the congregation at New Bible Way Temple. Young worked for several years in South Africa as an ambassador but is mostly known … Continue reading

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Leslie head coach Farley named new head coach

The football program is no stranger to change. The program has finally announced a new head coach to take the place of former coach Benjamin Pack. The new addition to the JPS family is a former coach of Leslie High … Continue reading

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